Block Breaking Block Pack

This is a bundle package featuring a bunch of blocks. These are blocks that can be used in developing games in the style of Breakout or Arkanoid. There are 12 different block designs each with 25 different color combinations. It is offered in three resolutions- SD (16 pixels wide and 8 pixels high), HD (32 pixels wide and 16 pixels high), and HD2 (64 pixels wide and 32 pixels high). The higher resolution graphic packs all are retouched with some added details. The block packages even includes some blocks that take multiple hits to destroy and one that can’t be destroyed. Though I have offered these items separately elsewhere, this is a bundle package that even includes a bonus. The bonus offered is six extra block designs exclusively for the HD2 package.

If not happy with the color combinations I’ve created for each block type, I have included a special PNG file that includes a generic color style which one can take four colors and apply them to make their own color combinations. Everything was created as straight pixel art using Paint.NET and my imagination. There are no vector graphics or no pre-rendered graphics. This is pure pixel art.

While this pack is meant for block breaking games, it may also be possible to use these for other game types. There are many possibilities, but it all begins with this pack of block breaking assets.

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