Skeleton Army Bundle – Illustrative Style

This bundle of fantasy skeleton army assets was created using an illustrative pixel-art style inspired by classic PC games. Using the Skeleton Army Bundle, you can create a well-equipped voxelized skeletal horde with a variety of equipment, suitable for any necromancer’s fighting force.

It includes the original VoxelShop file with each body part and equipment piece on a separate layer. These layers include:

  • Skull
  • Torso (Ribcage plus spine and pelvis)
  • Left Leg
  • Right Leg
  • Left Arm
  • Left Arm Raised
  • Right Arm
  • Right Arm Raised
  • Iron Shield
  • Wooden Shield
  • Shortbow
  • Iron Mace
  • Iron Axe
  • Iron Spear
  • Iron Helm

All of the equipment is designed to be used with any of the human-sized characters in my Illustrative Style series.
In addition, OBJs are included for each of the pieces of iron and wood equipment, plus some models of skeletons with specific equipment loadouts, including:

  • Skeleton (no equipment)
  • Skeleton Soldier – Iron Helm, Spear and Shield
  • Skeleton Warrior – Iron Helm, Mace and Wooden Shield
  • Skeleton Fighter – Iron Axe and Wooden Shield
  • Skeleton Archer – Shortbow
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