Submission Guidelines

This package contains the minimum required featured images to submit your packages to the Voxel Art Store:

  • Small: 72×72
  • Medium: 400×200
  • Large: 1200×600
  • Example of a gallery item with the minimum dimensions required


Submission guidelines

You can start selling your work following a few steps that will ensure the approval of your submissions and that will guide you with the best practices to get the required quality standard.


Presentation is everything

The best way to demonstrate the quality of your work is with a good presentation. An unique name, concise description and quality images will carry your work to be among the best. The use of other platforms like youtube, sketchfab or a dedicated website will help you to gain a greater visibility of your work.


File formats and source files

Provide the source files and give to your customers the flexibility to work with a variety of formats. Try to add always the most standard formats, for example for 3d content the obj format is accepted by almost all 3d editors and for 2d content the png format is also the most accepted and is a lossless compresion format. 


Pricing guidelines

Price your work based on their complexity. You can use the following suggested pricing guide:

Voxel and Pixel art:

  • Simple: 2$, 5$ – 20$ (increments of 5$)
  • Moderated: 20$ – 100$ (increments of 10$)
  • Advanced: 100$ – 500$ (increments of 20$)


  • Simple: 5$ – 20$ (increments of 5$)
  • Moderated: 20$ – 100$ (increments of 10$)
  • Advanced: 100$ – 500$ (increments of 20$)


  • Simple: 10$ – 50$ (increments of 5$)
  • Moderated: 50$ – 100$ (increments of 20$)
  • Advanced: 100$ – 500$ (increments of 50$)


  • Simple: 5$ – 50$ (increments of 5$)
  • Moderated: 50$ – 100$ (increments of 10$)
  • Advanced: 100$ – 500$ (increments of 25$)

If we feel your content may be better priced in a different range, we will let you know.


Uploading your package

Compress all files of your package, even if your package is a single file, using the most supported formats, for example .tar.gz, .7z or .zip.


Restricted content

Content you do not hold the license to resell:

This includes content ripped from games or mods, content downloaded from third party sites or freely available that you did not create.


Trademarked and branded content:

This includes trademarks, logos or branding which you do not own.


Online services:

Variable amount of money charges hands services are not allowed at this moment. Contact us for more information.


If you want to become a vendor visit this page for more information.


If you have any questions or you want a review of your package, visit this page where you can find all the necessary information to contact us.

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