Voxel Vehicle Starter Kit

What you see here is my Voxel Vehicle Starter Pack. This is a simple set of four voxel vehicles. Each voxel car is available as static models and as models without wheels. You can use the included voxel tire if you plan on animating these voxel vehicles. This package consists of the following:

* a simple voxel car
* a simple voxel pickup truck
* a cartoon-style car
* a cartoon style pickup truck

This is meant to be a starter kit, so don’t expect to make anything truly spectacular. Also, some assembly is required if you wish to use these models for animation. You may also use some other tire/wheel models if you want to put on a different set of wheels to the non-wheel models. I have made many more voxel vehicles. I am just providing this package to give would-be game developers some voxel vehicles to use. I am also providing this just to showcase my talent as a voxel artist.

Speaking of usage, you may use this for any number of games involving cars. One of my initial intents on making voxel cars is to make a voxel racing game. You could also simply use these models as props for non-racing games. For example, you could take either of the pickup trucks and have them to use to take cover in a voxelized shooting game. It’s up to you how you use my voxel vehicles. And if you don’t like the colors or design of these voxel vehicles, I have included the raw voxel files. All you need is a program called MagicaVoxel- which I used to build these voxel models.

The models are all offered in the native MagicaVoxel VOX format, the DAE format, and the OBJ format. You can import these files to other formats (such as FBX) To learn more about my voxel vehicle starter kit, read my blog post about these voxel vehicles: http://johnscreativespace.blogspot.com/2016/03/voxel-vehicle-starter-kit.html .

Let me know of any projects you are working on if you are using my voxel vehicles. Happy game development! 🙂

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